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Updated: 11/19/20

Baker, Brittany, Mike, & Nora  |  COVID concerns regarding workplace

Bensing, Sherrie  |  Knee pain (shots Dec.10th); Pray for Christina (COVID)

Conner, Don & Tonia  |  Tonia's bible study at retirement home; Don's back; Jess' employment situation

Donhoff, Jim & Pat  |  Pat's cousin Iris (95 yrs old) fell and is confined to bed; Knee pain for both; Dan Moore (Pat's brother) is better. Prayers for Pat's grandson, Danny Donhoff. Pray for Amanda to be settled in Nebraska.

Ferris, Mike & Shirley |  continued health; safe travels as they visit family

Grigsby, Ian & Dayna  |  Ian's finals, new discipleship group, back pain is better. Pray for Dayna's potential job; also her younger brother Owen's salvation.

Grundy, Patricia  |  health for family and personal health concerns

Harris, Sherry  |  financial concerns; prayers for Sue and James; continued prayer for Angeline

McBath, David, Melissa, & Bethany  |  COVID workplace concerns (Melissa) and school (Bethany & David); Melissa's mother's health (Martha)

Simmons, Tony & Glenda  |  Tony's pending surgery

Surface, Don & Lori  |  Kyser Wilson (co-worker in hospital)

Surface, Justin, Jordan, & David |  COVID workplace concerns

Watson, Ruth  |  feeling well, no personal concerns. Pray for family visit after Thanksgiving

Sung Kim | pray for school studies; work situation; life balance. Also has injury to wrist that will need examined.


Unrest in country (election, economy)


Overall health of members; Operation Christmas Child is shipping out; pray for annual offering and mission giving

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